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Feb 14, 2010 10:00am EST
ben bernanke. we have tim geithner, and we had sheila bair, the head of the fdic. and i know a lot people in finance. i know a lot of people in business. i know a lot of people in government. and i can't think of four that would have done a better job of getting us through that. now it's kind of fashionable now to look back and pick out one little aspect or another of what was happening then, but our country's financial system froze up during that period. some of you in this room were at a party i was at in september of 2008 when the talk was, are our money market funds safe? now, when you have 3.5 or more trillion of funds held by 30 million people, who on a sunday night are worrying about whether they can get their money, that money was half of all the deposits held by u.s. banks at the time. you have a panic. you had commercial paper freeze up entirely, and you had some of the biggest companies in the united states, and some of them are described in this book, to worry about whether they're going to meet their payrolls in a short bit of time. you had the sixth largest bank in th
Feb 13, 2010 9:00pm EST
, ben bernanke, tim geithner and sheila bair at head of the fdic. i know a lot of people in finance and business and government. i cannot think of four people who would have done a better job to get us through that. it is fashionable to look back and look at one little aspect of what was happening our country's financial system froze up during that period. some of you were at a party i was at september 2008 when the talk of what are the money market funds save? when you have 3.5 trillion of funds held by 30 million people who on a sunday night worry about whether they can get their money, that was half of all deposits. you have a panic. you have commercial paper frees up entirely and some of the biggest companies in the united states that are described, worried if they would be payrolls in a short period of time. the six largest bank in the country with domestic deposits washington mutual and the third largest bank, wachovia, needed of shock on a monday morning to survive. most interesting, but this book starts and early september when freddie mac and fannie mae essentially were bro
Feb 7, 2010 8:00pm EST
work to be done. but when we get it i want us to keep it and not lose it again. >> my name is bernanke. i almost feel that i asked for the microphone too soon begin issue answered the biggest concern that i have to rethink what happened in massachusetts needs to register with the republicans because they did not win this. the independents won it. i am from massachusetts originally and i know what drives that state and certainly is not republican policies. [laughter] i think it was a wonderful thing that happened and you put your finger on something come with the people in this country have said they're not happy with the democrats or republicans and if the republicans behave like the past the recent election means nothing prepare reading the "wall street journal" a few days ago there was an article that talked-about how the american people were disgusted with politics and the message i got out of that article said the republican party has an opportunity to rally around a central theme of term limits to get those people with professional politicians not interested in what happens to us
Feb 6, 2010 9:00pm EST
to come back into a government position and i know ben bernanke and hank paulson are well-known for this. could you talk a little bit about that in any ideas on how that could be stopped through laws or voter action or anything? >> i'm glad you reminded me about the revolving door. i see this happening. i see my friends do this. they dress like me when they are working on capitol hill and i see them two years later and they have really nice suits with a french cuff and offer to buy lunch. the left the capitol to up working for congress and a lobbying firm hired them because they knew that when the friend then calls his old underling on capitol hill to say hey i just want to talk to you about the farm bill, that his old boss or his old bosses colleagues are going to take the call and that is the revolving door. barack obama's said literally, i'm going to stop the revolving door. is white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel-- there is not, as the word for rahm emanuel because welby was working on the campaign is a chief fund-raiser he was getting paid by goldman sachs as a consultant a
Feb 14, 2010 5:00pm EST
tough. i knew when we went as seeing in the book we talk about where bin bernanke and i told congress we're going to need these authorities, and the difficulty we had at that time was as more and said better than i could. the arteries of the financial system were freezing up, and so i knew with certainty that business was going to turn down because when you have companies it is uncertain whether they will appeal to raise short-term funding. most of the cfo's are going to go to the ceo and say i may not be able to have all of the funding he would like for the next 30 days so what does a prudent company do? they start cutting back but the congress had an seen this yet so they hadn't seen it in their district so i knew with certainty it was going to get worse. i'm not sure i knew it was calling to be 10% on an employment but i knew we was going to be bad. so then, and i knew if they didn't do something in the collapsed, then the businesses wouldn't be able to find themselves, wouldn't be able to pay for the inventories and pay the supply years and would let employees the and the would ri
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5